Feature film available

Patch CV: Controlling Voltage - The Modular Synthesis Revolution

is excited to finally announce the release of the full length feature film. After a year of conversations and opportunities we have chosen to self distribute our film. It is now available for rent and purchase on  VIMEO and Amazon Prime Video. We hope you enjoy watching it as much as we did making it.

Thank you for your support and encouragement and stay tuned to our website and social media streams for give aways and vinyl soundtrack series discounts.

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This documentary film focuses on the rapidly growing modular synthesis movement, the diverse artists creating soundscapes of emotionally charged content, and the developers pushing the boundaries of sonic invention with their community driven creations. This is not your typical 'history of technology' based series.


Our story presents the passion and inspiration behind the artist's compositions that are rapidly transforming the soundtracks of modern film and network productions. These musical creations are alive only in the moment of their performance and then forever lost when the power switch goes off. Capturing this immediate creative vision and personal process from patch to pulse will be the journey we share. 

Modular synthesis allows the user to discover and define his or her own personal sonic identity through the modules they chose. These uniquely designed and developed modules have become a part of the creative identity of each user. The developers challenge is to design new products that inspire and expand these character voices and keep this symbiotic community blooming with limitless creative freedom. Patch.CV will tell the stories of these brilliant minds that yearn for this ultimate expression.


Check out the latest interview with Ed Ball and DivKid on the Esoteric Modulation Podcast featuring Patch.CV creator David Elliott Johnson.


PATCH CV is giving away the 3 custom colored vinyl soundtrack set AND an ION Bluetooth turntable. We kindly ask that after viewing the film you leave us a review on Amazon Prime or Vimeo that we can use to promote PATCH CV. Simply copying your review into the message section below enters you for a chance to win this limited pressing collection and turntable. 

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