PATCH.CV "One" Cassette

PATCH.CV "One" Cassette

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This limited edition (only 250) album features some of the most innovative and influencial artists in modular synthesis. Eight tracks cover a wide range of styles and sounds from select artists from the documentary film series Patch.CV - The Modular Synthesis Revolution.



  • Todd Barton
  • Patrick O'Brien (POB)
  • Julia More (Synth Witch)
  • Cory Sterling (redstripedown)
  • Justin Melland
  • Shiro Fujioka
  • Tom Hall
  • Nick Turner (TRYESTA)


Digitally mastered and printed onto hi-bias celluloid, this collection sounds amazing and comes with detalied liner notes listing the gear each artists uses in their rig.  Get yours today while supplies last.

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